‘A Distant Holla’ opens at the Abyssinian Meetinghouse

Daniel Minter installs 'A Distant Holla' at the Abyssinian. Photo courtesy Portland Press Herald, by staff photographer Brianna Soukup

Daniel Minter installs ‘A Distant Holla’ at the Abyssinian. Photo by Portland Press Herald photographer Brianna Soukup

This Friday, May 5, do yourself a favor and attend the opening of ‘A Distant Holla,’¬†Daniel Minter’s art exhibition at the Abyssinian Meeting House. The work will showcase Maine artists of color including¬†Daniel Minter, David Driskell, Elizabeth Jabar, Rafael Clariot, Ebeneza Akapko, Titi de Baccarat and Derek Jackson. Michael Wingfield, Samuel James and Ahmad Kalari will be playing music, and there will be a performance by the Theater Ensemble of Color. Read more here in the Portland Press Herald.

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