We’re building the roof that will link the belfry and clock tower, while the local media is covering the crane day, and the steeple’s connection to the community.

Here She Comes

Christine Parrish of The Free Press wrote one of the best articles I’ve read, she really focuses on the joinery and construction history:

Shawn Perry, of Preservation Timber Framing, Inc., the firm that was contracted to rebuild the steeple using the original plans and traditional joinery, stuck his fist into the heart of one of the rotten steeple timbers and pulled out a fistful of sawdust.

“How this stayed standing, I don’t know,” said Perry.

The clock tower bears 11,000 pounds of weight, according to Perry, so each corner beam would have had to take almost 3,000 pounds of weight.

“A storm could have toppled it,” he said… read more

From WCSH6 of Portland


“Steeple Finally Home Atop Damariscotta Baptist Church” by Alex Brodsky, Lincoln County News

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