One thought on “Measuring Up

  1. We knew Mike as Cousin Mike and my kids refered to him as Uncle Mike , but Mike was alywas there no matter what you called him ..he was the guy that was there to help us no matter what, and he was like that with everyone. Mike saw Buffalo thru different eyes than most people , he saw the beauty in an old building that others would want to tear down and tell me do you see how cool that building is . We couldn’t drive thru Buffalo , or anywhere around here for that matter, without Mike taking us on a tour of all the cool buildings. Mike loved Buffalo. He was the right guy, for all the many hats he wore, Uncle, Cousin ,Son ,Co-worker, President, Director, and he was like a brother to me. Buffalo has lost a great man, and our family has lost MIke. We love ya MIke.

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