For Sale

FOR SALE – The Israel Demeritt House is a two-story, center-chimney, timber-frame dwelling, 40’ x 32’ with attached cape ell, 40’ x 21’. NH state historian, Jim Garvin, reports that it “is the best example so far identified in Durham of a two-story, center chimney house in the federal style.” Out of seven original fireplaces, three are incorporated within fully-joined raised panel walls. The remaining four mantels showcase the craftsmanship of Nathaniel Demeritt, the original builder, with reeded moldings derived from Asher Benjamin‘s A Country Builder’s Assistant (Demeritt’s own copy is housed at the New Hampshire Historical Society). Original crown moldings, chair-rail and casing are unique and have been preserved in nearly every room. The house also retains all original sash and corresponding pocket shutters. There are six bedrooms and room for two full bathrooms. The summer kitchen, 20’x 23’, is large enough to accommodate modern amenities with minimal retrofit of historic features. The house is dismantled, documented and preserved in its entirety.

Read our series, “The O’Kane Notebook,” on dismantling the building and the craftsmanship revealed in the process. Read James Garvin’s report on the history of the building and its residents.  His application for National Register status reads like some of the best narrative non-fiction. Review the frame drawings.

The As-Is price for the all house and ell parts, tagged and labeled, in four trailers, is $175,400. This includes all house parts, granite capstones, chimney and hearth brick. This also includes extensive documentation on house and ell, all photographs, and all tagging and layout drawings. This does not include delivery due to the variability of location (transportation details discussed below). Because we hope that the house will go to a client who can appreciate its historic value, we have listed the materials of the building, the artifacts themselves and their associated documentation, at cost. The price is negotiable. We are eager to work with a client who cares about preservation. We documented the dismantling process so the building could be resurrected by other builders, but if the new location is within our range, we would be thrilled to rebuild.

Along with the house and ell parts, we are selling a carriage house frame that was dismantled on the property. The only remaining original pieces of the carriage house are its timber frame. The As-Is price for the carriage house frame is $8,340.00  which includes all carriage house parts, tagged and labeled, as well as all documentation, photographs, and tagging and layout drawings.

Transport of all materials would be the cost of four flatbed trailers for the frame materials, flooring, front stairs, slate, granite and brick and 1 box trailer for the trim, windows and doors. We recommend that the box trailer with the trim, doors and windows be sent to the Olde Bostonian for repair before continuing on to its final destination. The Olde Bostonian would strip all trim and strip, repair, prime, and re-glaze all windows. Their estimate is included in ours, below.

The price for Preservation Timber Framing to rebuild the house and ell, with a concrete foundation capped with granite, a slate roof and one chimney, is $1,100,000. This estimate outlines the tasks needed to repair and reassemble the building. This does not include much of what would be required to make the house liveable: it does not include excavation for the foundation, driveway or septic. It does not include electrical, plumbing and heating, energy improvements or kitchen and bathrooms, as these are dependent upon the client and his/her preferences. The subcontractors we did include are unparalleled. Victor Wright, of the Heritage Company, removed the black Monson slate and provided the estimate to reuse of all the sound slate to roof the front pitch, and he has matching slate that can be used on the rear pitch and ell. Depending upon a client’s preferences, we believe that the total cost to complete the house will be in the arena of $1,150,000.

Please contact Emilee Bolduc,  (207) 698 1695, and peruse the articles below for more information.

Peruse all of John Butler’s stunning photos of each interior and exterior wall, with trim carefully itemized and outlined, below:

As of 3/21/17, this building is still for sale. Please contact Emilee with any questions.