Moffatt-Ladd’s Temporary Windows Illuminate PTF Talent

David and the Moffatts.  Photo by Deb Cram, from

David and the Moffatts. Photo by Deb Cram, from

Our clients often comment on a pervasive artistic sentiment within the PTF crew.  Shawn Perry and David Ford pursued careers in drawing and ceramics, respectively, before becoming timber framers.  Ed and myself majored in art as undergraduates, and a portrait of Reese (scroll down) hangs in the National Portrait Gallery (Reese’s friend Megan Ledbetter took the photo, but I’ll use any flimsy excuse to brag).  We think that our creativity and artistic curiosity add intangible benefits to our approach to carpentry, but sometimes those benefits are shown in stark relief.  David’s painting of the temporary windows at the Moffatt-Ladd House are one such occasion.

While the window sash are being repaired, David and his crew cut and fit temporary inserts for the window frames.  On the plywood inserts, he drew silhouettes of former residents of the historic home, and lined out muntin divisions.  Volunteers from the New Hampshire Colonial Dames and the Museum’s seasonal staff finished the inserts by painting in the silhouettes.  It is always a pleasure to work with committed volunteers and a special joy to see David’s artistic talents on display.  Over the holidays, all of Portsmouth will have the chance.   Please read more about the project from Seacoast online.

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