O’Kane Notebook VI: The Nuts and Bolts of No Nuts and Bolts

Wall 105.A, Outlined.

Wall 105.A, Outlined. Photo by John Butler

This is post about a persnickety process:

After a piece of trim is removed from an O’Kane wall, it is taken over to a photograph of that wall and traced with a fine tip marker.  The dis-assembler then writes a description of the piece on the item list for that wall and assigns it an item number.  The room number, wall letter and item number are written on a piece of masking tape, which is affixed to the upper left, backhand corner of the piece.  The piece is carefully de-nailed, and then a final “acquisition” number is etched into a patch of white shellac using a Dremel tool.  The piece is wrapped in shrink wrap  with his cohorts, and tightly stacked in an assiduously organized, and mapped trailer.  I have just finished re-tracing all the photographs of those walls which have been completely denuded.  The results, below:

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