Historic Homes

Many of our clients are stewards of their historic homes. Others just happen to inhabit an old house. Almost all are entrusting our crew with their most valuable and precious possession. PTF replaces sills and dismantles entire walls. We plane pine panelling by hand, and design reproduction fireplace surrounds. We install historically-sensitive energy upgrades and convert churches into residences. Historic home restoration requires sensitivity and adaptability; we believe that part of preservation is meeting clients where they’re at. Read the selection of homes below, or about some of these homes on the blog.

WHALEN RESIDENCE, West Newbury, MA     2015

Extensive rot found in corner post of main house and porch. New post and braces installed. Tension connections installed in floor system to halt separation and movement of exterior wall.

STEINER-TRUESDALE RESIDENCE, Newfields, NH     2014-2015

Conversion of gothic church into private residence. Second story timber-framed floor designed and built in gothic-ribbed sanctuary space.

Steiner-Truesdale Residence

Steiner-Truesdale Residence

RADCLIFFE HOUSE AND ELL, New York     2014-15

Drafted tagging drawings for a late 18th century barn dismantled on a property in Vermont. PTF designed the adaptive re-use of the barn frame into an addition for a late 19th century home in New York.

PENNELL HOUSE AND ELL, Brunswick, ME     2014

High-style, two story Greek Revival house built in 1838. Documented, tagged, and dismantled ell. Performed extensive repairs to ell including a complete rebuild of the undercarriage and created two new bents to extend length by 22’. Performed extensive repairs to undercarriage, foundation, tie beams, girts, sills, and posts.

Pennell Ell

Pennell Ell


SOULE CARRIAGE HOUSE, Kennebunkport, ME     2014

Creation of cold roof system on Carriage House.


Creation of cold roof system on private residence.

JALBERT PORCH, Dover, NH     2013

Repair sagging porch on private residence. Replicate existing damaged turnings.

BLINN RESIDENCE, Berwick, ME     2013

Re-alignment of foundation stones, and replacement of eave sills and repair to post feet and studs on private residence.

I-FARM, Boxford, Massachusetts     2009 – Ongoing

I-Farm is a multi-building complex soon to become a working farm that teaches early farm technology and sustainable agricultural practices. Our work there began with the complete restoration of an historic barn that had been built with timbers reused from an earlier English barn.  Our recent projects include the restoration of a water tower and utility shed, building the timber-framed addition to the kitchen ell, and creation of black locust arbor and trellises. Currently, we are restoring the main residence.

iFarmhouse, Boxford, MA, 2013

iFarmhouse, Boxford, MA, 2013


Look, True-Randall Farmhouse, Montville, ME     2012-2013

Sill replacement and post repair on historic home on Randall’s Hill in Montville, ME.  In conjunction with extensive barn repair and collaboration with installation of contemporary kitchen in ell.

Israel Demeritt-O’Kane House, Durham, NH     2012

Complete deconstruction of this 1808 Federal-style farmhouse, ell and carriage house. Fireplace surrounds, crown, chairrail, wainscot, “Indian” shutters, windows, lath, subwall framing, timber frame, hearth brick and roof slate mapped, labelled and preserved in their entirety.  The house is in storage, and is for sale.  We’ve posted a series of articles about the process on our blog.

Blue Parlor, numbered and outlined

Blue Parlor, numbered and outlined

Harvey House, Berwick, NH     2012

Design and construction of new, traditional timber frame home.

O’Brien Residence, Portland, ME     2012

Shingle-style home on Portland’s West End, designed by John Calvin Stevens.  We made structural repairs to the front porch and sunroom above, and restored or reproduced exactly the original trim.

Hill Residence, Hampton Falls, NH     2011-2012

Design and reproduction of fireplace and raised-panel wall from similar buildings in the Historic American Building Survey. Please read more about our research, and construction techniques.

Clineff Residence, Topsfield, MA     2012

Structural and drainage repairs to main house.

Poor Residence, Lebanon, ME    2011-ongoing

Sill and undercarriage repair and replacement.  Post repairs.  Exterior facade restoration

Toney Gym, York, Maine     2010-2011

This historic gymnasium was built by the Goodrich family in the 1910s adjacent the York River, and complete with a tire-shaped pool.  In 2010 and 2011, we repaired the truss system in the monitor roof.  Later that year, we restored and rebuilt the gym’s 40 windows.  Read more about the process, here. We also rebuilt the undercarriage, piers and floor system for the gymnasium, which is adjacent to the York River, and susceptible to tidal swells.

Gym Sash, 6-over-1 light

Gym Sash, 6-over-1 light