Watch “Reviving the Freedom Mill” on MPBN, Thursday, March 6, at 10:15 pm

Reviving the Freedom Mill, photo courtesy Tony Grassi

Reviving the Freedom Mill, photo courtesy Tony Grassi

Maine Preservation writes:

When Tony Grassi takes a crazy gamble to rehab an abandoned mill, he inspires both skepticism and hope that its revived bond with the river will breathe new life into the town of Freedom, Maine.

With the help of a colorful team of builders, masons, engineers and architects, he sets out to reconstruct a forgotten historic treasure. Can his 21st century vision of preservation re-power this rural community, which is now welcoming a new generation of young farmers?

Watch “Reviving the Freedom Mill” on your local MPBN station on Thursday evening, March 6, at 10:15 pm.  This was one of PTF’s biggest and most inspiring projects in the past few years.  A significant portion of the crew devoted their time and energy to the project, staying in Freedom, away from their families, during the months spent on the project.  We were honored that the project was a recipient of the 2013 Maine Preservation Honor Award and are especially thrilled that the crew’s efforts were captured in such an engaging documentary.

View more photos of the finished project, here

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