Where were we?

At PTF, we have a passion for preservation.  It’s been joked that Arron, our boss, wants to save every old barn and church steeple in New England, and that isn’t so far from the truth.  This passion brings PTF to projects large and small, far and wide.  Using the “my maps” function in Google Maps, we made the following map to show just how far.  It took a little over an hour to create, and now we have a good illustration of our region for potential clients.  Red markers indicate barn projects, Blue indicate churches and steeples, Green indicate museums and Pink indicate residences (residences are located by town center, not by street address).  Click on each marker for a description of the project that took place there, and check back to our “Region” page, above, for updates on how far we’ve traveled.

View Preservation Timberframing Projects in a larger map

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