Acworth Meetinghouse receives Preservation Honor Award

Acworth Meetinghouse

Acworth Lanterns, mid- repair

Built by Elias Carter in 1821, the Acworth Meetinghouse, with its double lantern spire, is a masterful representation of historic building craft.  But by 2008, the building was in desperate need of repair.  PTF was called in to give an estimate, but Acworth, NH is far, and endowed already with a number of seasoned carpenters. Arron, along with members of the Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project, developed a model by which the Acworth meetinghouse was repaired by local craftspeople who were trained and supervised by PTF in techniques unique to steeple repair, and timber framing.  Last month, at the National Preservation conference in Buffalo, New York, the Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project was awarded a Preservation Honor Award.  Read more about the award here. Now, the Acworth Meetinghouse serves not only as an example of New England’s architectural history, but as an example of how preservation creates jobs, expands skills, and builds community.

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