NH EXPOnential Success

At the Expo

At the Expo

The NH Old House and Barn Expo was a great success.  To be honest, I expected what I’d seen at other “old home” trade shows: booths hawking fiberglass steeples and plastic decking.  Instead, I was inspired by the level of craftsmanship and care on exhibit.  Sometimes it can feel like we are alone in the wilderness, caring about a level of preservation that gets ignored by those who care only about an historic “look.”  We were fortunate to speak with like-minded individuals at the expo, who care deeply about their old homes, and are proud of their building’s age and authenticity (whether it be an 18th century vernacular farmhouse, or mid-century modern).  We were surrounded by folks who cut moldings by hand, and insist on appropriate joinery.

Arron and I gave a talk on comprehensive assessment and documentation that focussed on the Middleton Old Town Hall assessment and the dismantling of the Demeritt-O’Kane house.  We had a full room at the talk and a great response from the audience, another delightful surprise.  I’ve posted the PowerPoint, with notes, here.

NHPA Expo 2014 ppoint


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