The Wall Street Journal on I-Farm

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an article about I-Farm and Chris Barensfeld’s efforts to restore it.  Online, the story was accompanied by a video and slideshow.  From the article:

For years, Christine Barensfeld dreamed about fixing up and living in a property down the street from her home: a historic white barn, carriage house and farmhouse on 17 acres, one of the last intact Federal-era farmsteads in Essex County.

She was finally able to buy it in 2009. Ms. Barensfeld is now immersed in a highly detailed, historically accurate renovation of the property. Her goal is to build a working, animal-powered farm as it would have been in the 19th century, back when it was a 200-acre property and Boxford had 900 residents.

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Chris Barensfeld is a visionary thinker and has been one of our best clients.  Projects like I-Farm, and opportunities to collaborate with preservationists like her and her architect, Ben Nutter, are why we are in this business.  Click here to read about our current efforts to restore the water tower.

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